The Place Next Door Housing Development

The Place Next Door involves the new construction of a housing community for persons with a severe and persistent mental illness in Newark, Licking County. The community will consist of a single-story building with 10 units of fully accessible housing. The development will be located adjacent to supportive services.


NEWARK, Ohio (YN) - On Friday, a group of officials from both the public and the private sector gathered in Newark's south end to break ground on a new $1.4-million housing project that will provide 10 units of permanent supported housing for people working on recovery from severe and persistent mental health conditions. The Main Place is recognized nationally as a leader in consumer-operated services for those living with severe and persistent mental health conditions. What began as a drop-in center almost 20 years ago, has expanded to provide a variety of services in response to needs identified by its membership. The housing project, some 8 years in the making, was planned in response to what the members of The Main Place identified as their most pressing unmet need: a place to live.

Slab Construction May 2014


Framing and Walls May 2014

20140522PlaceNextDoorConstruction Framing02.jpg
20140522PlaceNextDoorConstruction Framing03.jpg